Offices of the Sisterhood of Magdalene

“And he gave some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers; for the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ.” – Ephesians 4: 11-12

The hierarchy of the Society is as follows:

Elect Lady

The Fellowship’s Elect Lady is the prophetess, high priestess, seer, revelator, and translator for the Fellowship holding all of the keys to the kingdom. She is equal in authority to the First Elder, who runs the Offices of the Priesthood, and both counsel with the Second Elder, each having an equal vote in decision making. Any revelation she receives will become binding upon the Sisterhood of Christ by first receiving a vote from both her two councilors and majority of the Society’s Assembly of Twelve Apostles. It would then be seconded in a General Assembly of the members of the Sisterhood. For revelations to become doctrine for the Fellowship, a unanimous vote from the First presidency followed by a majority vote from Council of Elders, and finally the General Assembly of the Saints would be required. Her first councilor’s primarily duties lie with the Sisterhood of Magdalene, while the second councilor’s duties are to the Sisterhood of Miriam.

Assembly of Twelve Apostles

The Assembly of Apostles is a council of twelve High Priestesses with apostolic wittiness of the risen Jesus Christ. Together, they are equal in authority to the Elect Lady, and hold all of the same keys as prophetesses, high priestesses, seers, and revelators for the Fellowship. These women testify of Christ, oversee charitable acts for the Society, and assist in leading the Fellowship. Six members of the Assembly are chosen to be members of the Quorum of Twelve Apostles for the Order of the Ministry. The president of the Assembly sits on the Council of Elders for the Order of the Ministry.

Council of 70

The Council of 70 are seventy High Priestesses equal in authority to the Assembly of Apostles. They are lead by seven sisters that make up the assembly presidency, and each are assigned nine sisters to help run the Society. This Council assists the Assembly of Apostles, under the direction of the Elect Lady. The First, Second, and Third are called to do missionary work in the Order of the Ministry. The remaining Councils recruit and train for the Sisterhood. Sisters may be called to assist the Council of the 70, thus reporting to them, without actually joining this council.

Assembly of 50

The Assembly of 50 works with the Assembly of Apostles, under the direction of the Elect Lady, to oversee the Society’s charitable activities. This assembly does not have keys or authority to oversee or run the Fellowship. Sisters may be called to assist the Assembly of the 50, thus reporting to them, while not actually joining this council.

Quorum of Evangelists

The Quorum of Evangelists are local councils made up of sisters from local congregations. They are lead by the local Matriarch. Each sister is on the Council is set apart as an Evangelist, also known as a Traveling Minister. They may be called from the local Priestess or Magdalene Sisterhood as the main duty of these Evangelists is to travel to congregations within their jurisdiction preach, exort and expand upon the scriptures. Generally, when a Priestess is called, she should be assigned to a High Priestess to travel with. Together with the Matriarch and Quorum of Evangelists of the Offices of the Priesthood, they make up the local High Council. The Matriarch assigns a sister from each local congregation in her area as that congregation’s Elect Lady and sets apart women locally to their callings in the Society.

Local Bishopric/Pastor

The Local Bishopric is made up of a High Priest and a High Priestess, co-Bishops, and their councilor, the First Deacon. This High Priestess is called of God by the area’s Matriarch. The High Priestess then calls two councilors to assist in overseeing the Congregation’s Sisterhood. If there are not enough members to form a Congregation, a High Priest or High Priestess is called to be a Pastor, the local Bishop, over the Synagogue.

Local Sisterhood of Magdalene and Miriam

The leadership of the Sisterhood for local Synagogues or Congregations is the Bishop and her two councilors: the Prioress (Head Priestess) over the Elders and High Priestesses, and the First Deaconess over the Deacons and Teachers. Both of these would call a presidency for these organizations. The Pastor/Bishop oversees the Priestesses. These High Priestesses would be set apart by the authority of the local Matriarch.

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