The Sisterhood of Magdalene

The Sisterhood of Magdalene holds the right of presidency, and has power and authority to administer in spiritual things. This priesthood is associated with Mary Magdalene, the wife of Jesus Christ. 

Mary Magdalene by José de RiberaLike the Priests of Melchizedek, the Priestesses of Magdalene is a Sisterhood of women over the age of 18 that serve the Fellowship both for outer ordinances, spiritual guidance, charitable outreach, and running the Fellowship. The women in this Sisterhood are either Elders or High Priestesses, and hold the keys of the kingdom. The High Priestesses may hold higher offices within the Order of the Ministry or the Society itself, or be called to lead or be embers or the Sisterhood of Miriam. At this time, there are many roles for be filled in both.

The Society also oversees the Sisterhood of Miriam, both to train young women for the Relief Society, and to help the Fellowship, alongside the Order of the Priesthood.

Learn more about the General Order of the Relief Society here.

Image: Mary Magdalene by José de Ribera, 1640; Public Domain.

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