Ordinances are sacred acts, performed by the authority of the priesthood, that bring us closer to Christ and may, in other ways, bless our lives. Saving ordinances are used in making covenants with God. Other ordinances, such as healing the sick, bless our lives. 

The following is a guide for members of the Order of the Priesthood to follow as they preform their duties to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Sacraments, Ordinances, and Worthiness 

The performance of a saving ordinances requires not just the proper keys, but also authorization from priesthood leaders with the keys to oversee these ordinances. Brothers who perform ordinances and blessings should prepare themselves by living worthy of their calling, staying true to their Endowments, keeping their garments clean, and by following the Holy Spirit to the best of their ability, per their level of Christ’s Grace. Ordinance and blessings should be performed in a dignified manner, that is pleasing unto the Lord. The follow are general guidelines true of all ordinances.

  1. They must be performed in the name of Jesus Christ.
  2. They should follow any and all necessary procedures
  3. Those performing the ordinances should hold the required level of priesthood authority
  4. Whenever possible, witnesses should be present, particularly with saving ordinances, to insure these were performed correctly
  5. When possible/applicable, the Garments of the Holy Priesthood should be worn, and if necessary the Robes of the Priesthood should be properly worn as well


Only those holding the necessary keys that are worthy may stand in to witness or assist. If the persons wishing or invited to participate are unknown, they must present their membership card, signed by their local leadership. If there are doubts, the card should be verified discretely before the ordinance is performed.

If there is still doubt, the local Pastor or Bishopric may pull them aside and ask them the standard questions, privately.

Click here for the manual, Ordinances of the Saints 2019.

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