The Levitical Priesthood in the Society is the Sisterhood of Miriam. This Sisterhood exists to perform and help with the outer ordinances of the Fellowship. It helps train young women and new converts for leadership in the Fellowship and in the Society.

The Hand of Miriam

May the Hand of Miriam be the service of the Benevolent Society

The Sisterhood of Miriam has three offices; deacon, teacher, and priestess. Deacons and teachers are very similar in that they assist others in their callings and ministries. Lead by the Deaconess (the second councilor to the local Elect Lady), deacons assist the priestesses and the local Sisterhood of Magdalene. Teachers may be called to the Order of the Ministry and shadow others, learning to teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ as they help perfect the Saints of the Fellowship. Priestesses assist the Society’s Elders and High Priestesses both in the Society and in the Ministry.

The Sisterhood of Miriam, much like the Aaronic Priesthood, trains young women in discipleship of the Lord, Jesus Christ, and for leadership in His Fellowship. Women may be called from the Sisterhood of Magdalene to be deacons, teachers or priestesses in this Sisterhood. For those that are not called to higher offices in the Society, the Sisterhood of Miriam offers service to our God for women called to serve Christ, bring souls to him, and serve their fellow men and women in Christian fellowship. Learn more about discipleship and ministry in the service of Christ’s Fellowship here.