God has set into motion everything needed for the daughters in Zion to reclaim their spiritual power and their birthright. Read more…

Together in Sisterhood

The Sisterhood of Christ extends the keys of the priesthood of God to all women who feels called of God to do His works. Read more…

Sisterhood of Christ

When we seek the Kingdom of God within, we will strive for a higher norm. Read more…

Come Ye apart and be a Peculiar People

When we pray and that prayer is answered, that is the priesthood in action. Read more…

What is the Priesthood?

The term “endowment” refers to a number of things, all in regards to spiritual power given from God to us. Read more…

Endowed from on High

When affiliating one should wear the proper Robes of the Priesthood with the garments beneath. Read more…

Garments of the Priesthood

The Robes of the Priesthood are known as ”Tzniut,” Hebrew for privacy, sometimes translated as “modesty.” Read more…

Robes of the Priesthood

Our Mission

Proclaim Peace

“And ye will not have a ​​​mind​ to injure one another, but to live ​​​peaceably.” -Mosiah 2:24 RAV, 4:13 OPV

Help the Poor

“Administers of your substance unto them that standeth in need.” -Mosiah 2:28 RAV, 4:16a OPV

Teach Love

“Ye will teach them to love one another and to serve one another.” -Mosiah 2:27 RAV, 4:15 OPV

"And Deborah the prophetess judged Ysrael."
- Judges 4:4
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